Why Outdoor Advertising?
The Outdoor Advertising industry is the longest standing form of advertising media, dating back approximately five thousand years to the ancient Egyptians who used hieroglyphics on obelisks to direct travelers and traders. By the Middle Ages billposting had become an accepted form of Advertising, and in the 20th century Outdoor Advertising emerged as an art form, developing into the multi-billion dollar industry that it is today. The Outdoor Advertising industry has evolved into a powerful medium for reaching a vast audience, as it has the ability to communicate its message to both the affluent and the poor. It's this ability to reach such a vast audience that makes Outdoor advertising outstanding value for money.


With over a thousand independent newspapers, magazines and radio-stations, digital-satellite television that offers more than five hundred channels, and literally millions of websites to visit, the consumer's choices are limitless. This fragmentation of media is one of the many reasons for the increased necessity to use outdoor advertising. The use of Outdoor Advertising has a great impact on the reach, frequency and overall awareness of an Advertising campaign.

Outdoor Advertising is considered by many to be the last true broadcast medium as it is capable of delivering a single message, 24hrs a day and does not seem to be blighted by the negative aspects of fragmentation as other media forms do.